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Health First Colorado makes a difference.

Health First Colorado helps.  It is as simple as that.

Our state’s Medicaid program does what few other programs do. It provides vital health care access to one in every five Coloradans. It contributes to the economy by directly injecting new dollars, particularly in rural areas of our state where economic growth has been stagnant. It adds jobs. And it is an important ingredient in keeping health insurance costs in check.

In real terms, it provides access to cancer screenings, supports for our seniors and people living with disabilities to help them stay in their homes longer and access for children to well child and dental visits.

Unfortunately, our current conversation about what Health First Colorado accomplishes for our state has narrowed to arguments about cost. And ignores important investments we can all support in our economy, our seniors and our youth. Join us in supporting Health First Colorado and our state’s investment in health.

Picture with text that reads: Health First Colorado Helps. Coloradans 1 in 5 Coloradans get the health care they need through Medicaid. Good health is good for our families, our communities and our economy.

Picture with text that reads: Health First Colorado helps.  Health Insurance Cost, Keeping people insured through Medicaid keeps costs down for us all