Overarching: Life can be unpredictable. If you or your families are in need of health coverage, Health First Colorado is there for you.

  • Medicaid keeps people healthy by providing essential preventative services like cancer checks, well child visits, vaccinations and annual physicals.
  • Coloradans who use Medicaid get help dealing with chronic health issues as well as additional community supports that allow them to stay in their homes and live their most independent lives.
  • Medicaid plays a key role in keeping our state healthy by connecting Coloradans to vital health care services.  Having access to an extensive network of high-quality providers, as well as supports like long-term care and transportation to medical appointments, means that people are more likely to get and stay healthy.

Ask: Health First Colorado improves lives and strengthens communities. Share how it helped you or someone you know.

Barrier: Many of us will struggle with job loss or live on the edge of poverty at some point in our lives[1]. Many of us will also require long-term care in our lifetime. In Colorado, we invest in Health First Colorado, so we don't have to go without needed health care. 

Vision: Health First Colorado gives everyone a fighting chance at taking care of themselves and their families  

Value: Everyone has health care needs. Health First Colorado is our investment in our health.

Our Communities

Overarching: Health First Colorado provides essential medical and long term health services to qualified children and adults including pregnant women, seniors and people with disabilities. Access to these health services keeps our communities working and makes Colorado healthier.  

  • Preventative care provided by Medicaid keeps neighbors working and local businesses thriving.
  • Well child and dental care provided by Medicaid keeps kids in school so they can get a healthy start in life.

Medicaid helps support community hospitals and clinics, which are particularly important in rural areas of Colorado because they provide care and jobs for the local economy.

Value message: No one should have to choose between taking care of their families and getting the health care they need. Enrollment in Health First Colorado provides affordable access to preventative and critical health services so that no one has to choose between health care and paying rent or buying food.

Barrier message: There are a lot of myths about people who are enrolled in Health First Colorado, Colorado’s Medicaid program. The truth is that most of us know someone enrolled in Health First Colorado with 75% of the adults who qualify working and many of the enrollees being children. Health First Colorado coverage affords many children, people with disabilities, people who are elderly and people working in low wage jobs access to preventative and life-saving care.

Vision message: Coloradans value and support Health First Colorado because it is a vital, vibrant and effective health insurance program -- protecting and strengthening communities. 

Ask message: Join us in educating members of your community on the far-reaching positive impact of Health First Colorado. Help them understand that Health First Colorado benefits everyone.

Health First Colorado Helps.